Indigenous PaCER Internship Program

Indigenous PaCER Internship Program

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AHS & PaCER  are partnering to provide training for Indigenous people to participate in patient engagement Research Internships

Alberta Health Services, Population, Public and Indigenous Health Strategic Clinical Networks™(PPIH SCN), in partnership with PaCER, is providing an opportunity for training Indigenous people from across Alberta by participating in a patient engagement research Internship program. The Indigenous PaCER Internship Program is being funded by Alberta Health under the Prevention of Cancer among Indigenous Peoples and Vulnerable Populations Grant, which provides support for Indigenous communities and organizations to engage in health innovation and cancer prevention projects that will facilitate positive outcomes towards reducing the incidence of cancer and related modifiable risk factors amongst Indigenous and vulnerable populations in Alberta.

Honoring Indigenous community members’ knowledge and understanding of their own strengths, the purpose of the Indigenous PaCER Internship Program is to build the research capacity of Indigenous community members to help inform culturally appropriate and safe approaches to cancer prevention and screening for Indigenous Albertans. 

Over 100 Indigenous participants attended two orientation sessions, one in Calgary and one in Edmonton, to introduce them to the PaCER engagement research model and Internship training commitments. View the presentation here.  When they arrived each person used personalized dots to identify where they were from and where they were connected on a large map of Alberta, creating potential working groups based on the map.  Each group then discussed how they would connect with each other, their mentor team and the larger PaCER Internship monthly classes.  They shared personal strengths and connections they could call upon to make Internship teams effective.  The afternoon was spent exploring priorities for Cancer Prevention and how these priorities might be addressed from a research perspective.  

The overall intent of the orientation sessions was to inform Indigenous participants about the Indigenous PaCER Internship Program and inspire their interest in Cancer Prevention research in order to recruit participants to the program.  The response to attend a PaCER orientation was the largest in PaCER history (over 100 seats filled), and the interest in applying to the PaCER Internship is outstanding.  The team from AHS PPIH SCN™ have a challenging task to select recruits for the limited number of spaces available. Successful applicants will be invited to engage in the full Internship program with training to commence at the University of Calgary from November 23 – 27th, 2017.



Personalized dots were used to identify where each person was from and where they were connected on a large map of Alberta, creating potential working groups

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