A New Curriculum Model for PaCER Internships

A New Curriculum Model for PaCER Internships

With Options for Training in

Calgary, Edmonton or an Indigenous Community

The PaCER Internship program is a unique opportunity to become trained as a patient-to-patient researcher.  PaCERs use their experience as patients to make a difference in health care research and planning.

We train patient engagement researchers for:

  • the Alberta Health Services, Strategic Clinical Networks ™
  • new careers in research and patient engagement
  • PaCER Inc.

The new training model currently launching is a 4-staged approach:


Stage 1:  introduction to pacer


Introducing PaCER and its foundations: patients, community, engagement and research (short YouTube videos).

If you wish to proceed to stage 2, a short reading and assignment will be available to prepare for this 4-5 day intensive. 

Stage 2: Intensive In-person Training

November 23-27, 2017, University of Calgary

 In-person session on Theory and Methods of Engagement and Patient Experience.

Topics include Salutogenesis, Narrative in research, PaCER research methods, and preparation for ethics proposals and ethics certificate.

If you decide to proceed to stage 3 you will take part in the fifth day to co design your research topic with your research team.  If not, you may complete the assignments to receive a certificate of completion that can be used later.

Stage 3:  Online group work

 January 2018 to May 2018

Online group work with a mentor to master PaCER research methods. Techniques include:

  • narrative interviewing,
  • co design and focus groups,
  • participant observation in health settings
  • bridging between experience research and standardized surveys.

Toolkit assignments will provide information to refine your research proposal.

Stage 4: Conducting your research project

September 2018 to January 2019

This begins with a two-day workshop in May to refine your research ethics proposal and develop your team’s work plan for the Fall term. As soon as ethics is approved, your team will conduct your research, analyze the results and prepare your final report for the first week of January, 2019. Graduation will be in January 2019.


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