Engage patients in your research

PaCER is recognized as an innovator in engagement and new research methods that put informed patients at the table with health systems to co design processes and inform new strategies and innovations in care.

PaCER is recognized as an incubator of new approaches in patient engaged, health experience research.

PaCER's peer-to-peer research model includes patients at all stages of research studies.


"When we study patient experience as PaCERs, we are doing it as patients ourselves."

Jean Miller,
PaCER Lead Researcher
The Patient Voice in Research


Why use PaCER in health research?

  • Become an early adopter to see how it works

  • PaCER is becoming recognized as the next step of creating a basic science component of engagement and experience in health and health care

  • PaCER Research units bring the patient voice to your research through purposefully designed, tested techniques

  • PaCERs are trained to collaborate effectively with health researchers

What type of research can PaCER do?

  • PaCER researchers are trained in participatory grounded theory (classical) because it encourages the use of multiple data collection processes to study the emerging social and psychological structures associated with new roles for patients in the health care system

  • Multiple data collection methods at the individual, group and social environment levels ensures rigorous and coherent theory that is able to inform change in research, practice and policy

  • For those teams that are not interested in full-scale research, PaCER Inc. provides patient-led engagement consultation, co-design, and facilitation of patient engagement in various research and implementation activities

PaCER program will provide:

  • Consultation: We ensure seamless collaboration with PaCER research unit throughout the project, from grant writing to implementation

  • Capacity: Trained patient engagement researchers increase the capacity of your team to explore patient perspectives

  • Supervision: We oversee, manage and supervise the PaCER component throughout your study; integrate patient research component in ethical co-design and REB review process

What do researchers say about using PaCER?

  • PaCERs aren’t advisors, they are colleagues, we each have our strengths and we click

  • I didn’t realize what difference it can make in the data when patients talk with patients

  • An important new direction for publishing our research

  • We started with a short study to begin our research program, it’s been four years and we are still working together, now on implementing our work together

For more information contact pacergroup@ucalgary.ca