Get trained to become a patient researcher

Are you a patient, caregiver or a family member? Do you want health care providers to understand the experiences and expectations of patients and families?

Become a Patient Engagement Researcher. Join the PaCER internship program – a free training program for patients who want to be engaged in health research.

Why do patients take the PaCER internship?

  • I wanted to do something with all that I learned about healing after the accident
  • I have always been curious about why some patients seem to do well and others don’t
  • I have the time to learn something new and would like to find a part time research job that would make a difference
  • I want to help my community be healthier

The program consists of online interactive modules, face-to-face intensive sessions, group labs, and completing a group research project. The PaCER training internship is now a ‘train the trainer approach,’ preparing graduates to become PaCER research leads or internship mentors.

What have patients done with their PaCER training?

  • I work part-time on a PaCER research team doing phone interviews, transcribing them and working with the team to find the theory
  • I am the ‘gun for hire’ of the PaCER leads working with challenging research
  • I use my training as an advisor on the Strategic Clinical Networks and volunteer with PaCER
  • I was hired to work in health care as a patient coordinator

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