Learn more about PaCER (Projects) Inc. 

In addition to the demand for conducting formal patient engagement research studies, there is a growing need for less formal, smaller-scale strategies of involving skilled patients in health research or quality improvement. For example, health research teams might not require a full PaCER research unit to be part of their initiative, but instead invite a skilled PaCER researcher to participate in particular activities such as conducting several interviews or facilitating a single focus group. For the purpose of tailoring patient engagement strategies to such specific requirements, the new department – the PaCER Inc. – has been initiated.


This new department of the PaCER program has grown from the demand for specified contract work requested by individual and private organizations, research groups and health care services.


This demand has been to assist in portions of research or quality improvement projects, as well as co-design engagement and training. PaCER is currently developing an organizational structure to grow this innovative contract work to meet the high demand for trained PaCER teams and expertise in patient engagement. 

Pilot projects and current project contracts have been diverse and required innovation and flexibility, which PaCER is well known for in the community of patient engagement research. The areas of PaCER contribution to projects include: 

  • Focus groups (facilitation, flipchart and process recorders)
  • Patient recruitment (administering consent procedures) 
  • Co-design surveys and questionnaires 
  • Cognitive interviewing 
  • Structured interviews 
  • Narrative interviews 
  • Transcribing 
  • Document content review with patients (e.g., policies, educational materials, research proposals) 
  • Training patients in specific PaCER skill sets 

Watch this space for new and exciting details about our project development work. 

For more information, contact pacergroup@ucalgary.ca