Who is PaCER?

PaCER meeting at UofC

PaCER stands for 

Patient and Community Engagement Research

PaCER is a group of patient researchers, trained in qualitative health research, who are creating a new collective research voice with, by, and for patients.

PaCERs are citizens with a variety of health conditions who are trained to use their engagement skills to conduct health research.

Working in collaboration with medical researchers, health systems, and community organizations, PaCER is committed to finding better, stronger, and more creative ways of engaging patients in health care. This means building new partnerships and roles for patients.

For me this was kind of a foreign concept, because I am a health services researcher, and we hadn’t engaged patients in this way before, and it led me to believe that this is a completely new science. … This is going to have a huge impact on health systems in the way that we define what care needs are, in the way that we deliver care, and furthermore, in the way that we think about research in general. We are at the very beginning of an embryonic science. We who study health care systems … can learn from patient engagement researchers to figure out what are the best ways to transform the system that is there for them
— Health Researcher, 2014